About Us

Good Morning!! We are Mat & Terri Wellnitz in Big Rapids, MI. I started making Soaps, Lotions, etc as a way to manage boredom after leaving a position that I loved. This soon evolved into a soap addiction.

Pamper Yourself

Living in Michigan and with how our weather changes (like blink and the weather may change) we all suffer from dry skin. Mat, my hubby is a nurse, he is a hand-washing expert, and knows all about dry skin. Also, we all have stress in our lives and need some “Me Time”, even if it is just for a couple of minutes.Pamper Yourself

Allow yourself to take just a few minutes with one of our fragrant lotions. “Just let a favorite aroma enter your nasal passages, stimulating your olfactory sensory neurons leading directly to your cranial nerve hub.” Sorry folks my husband got carried away, what he means is just let one of our many fragrances help calm you down and help you to get some of that me time. Remember Dear – KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie).


Our faith is important to us we want to honor God with and in our business practices. A portion of our sales go to the American Cancer Society.