Aromatherapy Magnesium Soaks
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Aromatherapy Magnesium Soaks

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These Epsom Salt Soaks are scented with one of our Essential Oil Blends. This is a one use pkt all measured out for you. What a wonderful way to bring those essential oils to your bath.

Kindred is a blend of Rosemary (may ease stress  and reduce joint inflamation), Petitgrain  (may reduce stress and reduce inflamation), Patchouli (soothes inflamation), Palmarosa (relieving stress anxiety and exhaustion), Cedarwood (anti-flammatory, soothing, and calming), Ylang Ylang (Mood enhancing, Relaxing), Geranium (reduces feelings of stress and balances hormones and emotions), Lavender (anti-inflammatory and reduces anxiety, insomnia and restlessness)

Relax is a blend of Lavender (anti-inflammatory and reduces anxiety, insomnia and restlessness), Sweet Orange (calms anxiety), Ylang Ylang (Mood enhancing, Relaxing)

Whoville is a blend of Lavender (anti-inflammatory and reduces anxiety, insomnia and restlessness), Grapefruit (may help balance mood, reduce stress), Cedarwood (anti-flammatory, soothing, and calming)  Geranium (reduces feelings of stress and balances hormones and emotions), and Ylang Ylang (Mood enhancing, Relaxing)

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